Windows 10 freezing issue,and a long story how did i tackled their mess…

This issue mainly affect users who had the 1607 update installed,also known as the “Anniversary update”.

I fully understand all the people out there,who are frustrated by this problem,and more because the Microsoft support is utterly usless. It took me some 10 days to make my computer work as it should,I wasted lots of time,drank some beer,and ate several bags of peanuts… But it’s working now.

In that 10 days i did almost anything i found online,anything that made any sence,MCT,reinstall,clean install,rollback is not a solution for me,downloaded C++.

After it all failed i have decided to go back to the “source”,Microsoft. So I was surfing the site,for few hours,when i stumbled upon KB 3216755 (OS Build 14393.726) update,that adresses the issues experienced by AMD based users.

Guess what? It worked! But a word of advice,the releace is only available for manual download in the wast Microsoft update catalogue,and for manual install,so if you have auto update enabled,you just won’t get it…

I hope this will help someone,

Have a great day!


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